Geographical Information System (GIS)

Dynamically visualize asset relationships in a geographical format with Software Tailor's Geographical Information System (GIS) solutions. Our Basic and Advanced GIS Solutions makes use of Google Map allows you to manage your linear assets and other mapped features, such as buildings and roads with up-to-date information. Gain insight into your assets from a perspective past mere numbers and words. Visualize your assets from a spatial point of view and see work to be performed by location.

A Visual Review of Location Information and History

These solutions were developed by working closely with Google Map, the market-leader in geographic information systems. By linking Google's geographical information with Software Tailor's tailor-made solutions, you have a seamless solution that provides a geospatial context related to maintenance operations and asset location.

You have the ability to create a work order, visually review location information, view work orders, and review history pertaining to assets and infrastructure (e.g. entities, buildings, or other sites). These solutions help streamline work flow processes by allowing maintenance personnel to view existing workloads for geographically-dispersed assets via a map to determine the most efficient method of scheduling and performing required work.

Software Tailor Geographic Information System GIS

Features and Benefits

  • Capture, analyze, and display assets, locations, and work orders from a geospatial perspective using Google Map
  • Align with specific business needs and improve work planning and analysis while eliminating the need for data duplication
  • Create a work order from a map view
  • Leverage GIS functionality to create efficiencies in business processes and improve communications
  • Gain valuable insights for decision making by taking advantage of data that is not maintained in your information management systems
  • Visualize assets, locations and work orders
  • Leverage investment in GIS while supporting advanced business analysis
  • View assets and work in proximity and context to other spatial features
  • Ability to search assets using a specific address
  • Display non-geospatial referenced work orders or assets on a map

What is Geographic Information System GIS

Software Tailor Geographic Information System (GIS) is a software solution that gives clients the ability to visualize data in a spatial (map) context from various systems within and outside of the enterprise.

  • Traditionally used in land departments, GIS is often extended for use across multiple departments, including production, operations, contract administration, customer services and accounting
  • Enterprise-wide approach to managing and visualizing GIS data
  • Offering tools for experienced GIS personnel and casual GIS users
  • Integrated with any modules with geographic data, like an address

What data can be shown on the map?

Any local database data, third party data, public data, proprietary data with address or location information.

How GIS can work for you?

GIS is a computer system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information; that is, data identified according to location. Practitioners also define a GIS as including the procedures, operating personnel, and spatial data that go into the system.

The power of a GIS comes from the ability to relate different information and to reach a conclusion about this relationship.

GIS integrates many data layers to suit different industries. Just as we cannot have a world where everyone is a physician an industry does not survive alone. Who then will be building the hospitals? Similarly, GIS solutions must be supported by a wide range of data to make a meaningful analysis and representation.

  • Case of the Month

    ThyssenKrupp Elevators

    ThyssenKrupp Elevators is a Fortune Global 500 company and is the U.S.'s largest elevator manufacturer. Their mobile technicians carry a mobile device running applications created by Software Tailor. The application sends current location of the technician to call center. The conconsultants assigns new callouts to nearby technicians by checking on the Software Tailor's GIS solution. The GIS solution also presents customer details information marked on the map for analysis of customer distribution and others.

Our organization is built on relationships, and Software Tailor fits right in to that model. It is apparent that they consider their role to be helping us make our organization function better. I consider this a long-term partnership.