Software Tailor Consulting Services

Your Valued Business Partner

Ensuring the value of your Software Tailor investment takes more than software. It takes Software Tailor Consulting – and the expertise and skill we've gained from previous implementations.

Software Tailor Consulting offers innovative services offerings that deliver value by giving you a rapid return on your Software Tailor implementation investments, while reducing your overall project risks. Software Tailor Services offerings, consisting of workshops, assessments, and pilot implementations, are available to existing and prospective Software Tailor customers for a variety of Software Tailor solutions – addressing the needs of both midsize and large enterprises.

Platinum Consulting Service from Software Tailor Consulting: Leveraging Unmatched Implementation Guidance from Software Tailor

The Platinum Consulting service from the Software Tailor Consulting organization provides senior level consultants specializing in specific Software Tailor solutions to help resolve the most difficult integration challenges and complex problem scenarios in today's challenging business climate. With superior product knowledge, change management expertise, and advisory capabilities, platinum consultants can assist your organization by helping implement solutions rapidly and at a lower cost, while reducing project and business risks and ensuring faster consensus building.

Software Tailor Services Offerings: Maximizing Your Business and IT Success

Software Tailor Consulting delivers sound advice and support throughout the entire solution life cycle, with a portfolio of services that:

  • Create and protect customer value – Software Tailor Consulting leverages the complete Software Tailor Services portfolio to create value, improve your total cost of ownership (TCO), and protect your software investment with quality management and risk mitigation services – ensuring on-time and on-budget projects with auditing for continuous improvement.
  • Leverage Software Tailor Consulting expertise and experience – With more than 8 years of industry experience, plus a global network of certified partners, Software Tailor consulting can provide the depth and breadth of coverage your business demands.
  • Accelerate Software Tailor projects with knowledge, tools, and accelerators – From expert guidance to complete execution, Software Tailor Consulting combines the expertise, tools, and methodologies to accelerate implementations, transfer knowledge, and continuously improve your business.

I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how much we appreciate your service. You guys are always quick to respond and your support is excellent! We use the program on a daily basis and it is the greatest program we have found. It continues to be an invaluable tool in our marketing efforts.