Software Tailor On-site Outsourcing Services

Launching Solutions and Accelerating Support

Software Tailor Dedicated is Software Tailor's standardized process for introducing solutions to the market. It helps customers achieve business value from Software Tailor solutions sooner by increasing process control and communicating real-world experiences directly to Software Tailor product development. A dedicated Software Tailor Dedicated program is available for all Software Tailor products.

With Software Tailor Dedicated, you benefit from accelerated support channels and dedicated coaches who have direct access to Software Tailor product development and management. Software Tailor Dedicated reduces cost, time, and risk for both Software Tailor Dedicated implementations and regular implementations – and ensures that Software Tailor solutions meet your business requirements. It enables your company to be a first mover in your industry and your IT department to be a strategic role model in your company.

Software Tailor Dedicated Services

Software Tailor Dedicated delivers benefits through the following means:

  • Project scoping – Project scoping compares the solution scope with your expectations. If there are any concerns, Software Tailor conducts a feasibility check to determine to what extent we can meet your requirements.
  • Project coaching – After the implementation project begins, Software Tailor Dedicated provides an expedited channel to support – to resolve issues quickly. For more complex issues, the Software Tailor Dedicated back office ensures that product development and product management become directly involved. Each project is assigned to a dedicated expert in the Software Tailor Dedicated back office.
  • Knowledge transfer – Software Tailor Dedicated staffs implementation projects with highly skilled consultants and organizes communities that enable team members to capture and share knowledge. Software Tailor Dedicated consultants are educated through a dedicated training program that includes innovative e-learning tools.

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