Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Between 85% to 90% of all web site traffic comes from the search engines and directories, use of those handy-dandy submission services that will submit your site to 980 search engines for a mere $19.95 won’t take care of this traffic. Just because your site is listed in the search engines won’t mean that your customers can find it. But only “search engine optimization and positioning” strategies that are designed to give the engines what they want and need in order to find your site among your competitors and other sites related to your category.

Search engine optimization and positioning is challenging at best. It’s not a simple matter of adding a few tags that contain your important keywords. It is an art-and a science-since its is applying creative techniques to an in-depth study of the search engines and directories. Software Tailor is committed to meeting the search engine optimization & positioning needs of your web site and proposes a campaign plan. Our goal will be to meet your seo outsourcing needs thoroughly and professionally.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are disciplines in the electronic arts which employ techniques to help businesses get a competitive advantage in the arena of online marketing in order to achieve greater visibility and increased sales and revenue.

SEO is the process optimizing a website to produce desirable organic, or natural, search results for specific words or phrases on the major search engines, of which Google is the primary target. This is achieved by manipulating the code of the website, the content on the site, and the number and type of links that lead to the site. Other factors will influence the success of the website as well.

Search Engine Marketing incorporates advertising purchases online in conjunction with SEO to improve the success of a website in a shorter period of time. This generally involves advertising using Pay Per Click campaigns on major search engines, advertising on highly-trafficked and relevant directories, and other types of placement in online and classic medias.

Tangible Traffic employs only ‘white hat’ SEO, linking, and optimization techniques. Our goal is to improve the functionality, content, and usability of your website to benefit the end user while making the site more appealing to the major search engines as a viable result for targeted keywords.

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