At Software Tailor, we understand that the right information system blends technology and functionality to provide a solution that fulfills your strategic maintenance management goals. Software Tailor Product Suite, our web-based management solution, uses one of the most advanced technologies available for the Web. Our Product Suite can be provided to you as a subscription service or can be hosted by your organization.

Software Tailor Product Suite has all the features and functionality necessary to track, manage, and maintain your valuable assets and facilities. Utilizing a web browser you have the ability to access your management data from any location at any time - via the Internet or your intranet.

Software Tailor Product Suite is one of the most technologically advanced products of its kind on the market. With unsurpassed scalability, this integrated solution offers you the ability to purchase what you need when you need it. Pay only for the user licenses and functionality your organization requires when you require them.

Benefits of Software Tailor Product Suite

Examine all the benefits of Software Tailor Product Suite - the first scalable, web-based solution specifically designed for facilities.

  • Lower deployment costs
  • Lower hardware costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Centralized administration and security

Service Desk System

Through an easy-to-use web page, requestors submit requests online and receive automatic e-mail responses notifying them of the status of these requests. If converted to a work order, automatic e-mail messages notify requestors of status changes throughout the entire work order process. In addition, dispatchers are notified via e-mail when a new request is in the request log waiting for validation.

Booking System

Online equipment booking system specifically for use in universities and schools: designed, developed & tested by researchers and teachers. Easy to set up and administrator, Software Tailor Booking System enables researchers to book school equipment, tracking who has what and where.

Salary and Bonus Review System

Our Salary and Bonus Review System is designed by certified compensation experts for compensation professionals. Our compensation software allows you to analyze pay competitiveness and simplify salary changes & adjustments all in a single, cloud-based solution. When considering salary changes, either during the annual year-end adjustment process or as an off-cycle adjustment, managers should make decisions that reflect both the relative performance of individuals as well as their position within the salary range with a focus on rewarding high performers.

Tendering System

Software Tailor Tender Management product, Tender Tailor, the e-Tendering System(or Electronic Tendering System or e-procurement system or e-bidding system), is a tool to automate the entire tendering lifecycle for procurement of goods and services starting from creation of a purchase requisition through to the award of contract. It creates a scenario in which digitally authenticated information is accessed and transmitted between user entities (buyers and suppliers) in a secure environment. It facilitates transparency in tendering or procurement, in combination with adequate demand forecasting, giving customers and suppliers certainty over demand and bringing total production in line with total demand. Along with this, price fluctuations and risks to security of supply are reduced.

Mobile Solutions

Software Tailor has a variety of mobile solutions that help your organization become mobile, not to mention paperless. Software Tailor Mobile Solutions provide the ability to enhance productivity by enabling your personnel to manage their work orders and other facility information electronically through a handheld device or a cellular phone like Android, iPhone, Blackbery, iOS, Symbian, WebOS and Windows Phone. This state-of–the-art technology has the features and functionality necessary to significantly improve productivity and service to your customers.

GIS Solutions

An advanced solution that provides a bi-directional integration with Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Work flow processes are streamlined because users can easily view workloads, location information and history pertaining to their assets and infrastructure via Google Map.

Inspection System

Software Tailor Mobile Inspections solution is an advanced tool to automate, simplify and streamline the inspection process throughout your entire organization. Technicians have the ability to download inspection forms on handheld devices and upload the results for future analysis.

Microsoft Excel and Office Solutions

Software Tailor's Excel Software Solutions enhance the user experience via Microsoft Excel and streamline your Microsoft Excel processes throughout the enterprise. Whether it be working with spreadsheets in the General Ledger to produce a balance sheet, income statement, rolling 12 month reporting, or analyzing operational data such as inventory balances, projects, sales, vendor analysis, or property management. Software Tailor is your 'one stop shop' for implementing a sound strategy for your Microsoft Excel environment. Software Tailor's Excel Solutions are used in 40+ countries, by over 4,000 customers worldwide who are supported by Software Tailor services and support infrastructure.

AND Other Tailor-made Solutions...

In addition, one of the strengths of Software Tailor is the ability to fully support our software solutions with world-class process consulting, implementation, training, and ongoing customer support. Software Tailor's Professional Services Group has the expertise, experience, and project management skills to implement Software Tailor software solutions quickly and effectively—maximizing return-on-investment (ROI) with the least amount of disruption to your organization.