Tendering System

Electronic Tendering System

Large organizations are characterized by multiple tendering/procurement needs. In many cases, the information systems or tendering systems they work on are dissimilar i.e. they vary with suppliers and their categories of products are not well sorted out. In conventional tendering systems, the procurement process is long-winded and slow; the suppliers' expertise is not appropriately channeled and opens up huge possibilities for adversarial attitudes and conflicts.

Tender Tailor, the e-Tendering System(or Electronic Tendering System or e-procurement system or e-bidding system ), is a tool to automate the entire tendering lifecycle for procurement of goods and services starting from creation of a purchase requisition through to the award of contract. It creates a scenario in which digitally authenticated information is accessed and transmitted between user entities (buyers and suppliers) in a secure environment. It facilitates transparency in tendering or procurement, in combination with adequate demand forecasting, giving customers and suppliers certainty over demand and bringing total production in line with total demand. Along with this, price fluctuations and risks to security of supply are reduced.

Why Software Tailor Tendering System

Tender Tailor e-Tendering System offers your company or government agency easy to use, powerful purchasing technology to realize cost savings and increased efficiencies. Tender Tailor provides a range of fully integrated Bid and Tender Management tools that enable purchasing and sourcing professionals to be more effective in managing sourcing, procurement, and communicating with other team members, product vendors and service providers. With Tender Tailor you can manage your business contacts, ensure deadlines are met, track requisitions submitted to your vendors. You get instant access to both current and historical tender (purchasing) information.

Mobile Inspection Features and Benefits

  • The creation of and approval of purchase requisitions
  • Publication of Invitation to Tender (ITT)
  • Expression of interest (EOI)
  • EOI management
  • Pre-qualification and selection of vendors
  • Publication of tender documents
  • Bid submission
  • Opening bids and bid evaluation
  • Placement of contract within a secure environment
  • Reduced tender cycle-time
  • Fast and accurate pre-qualification and evaluation, which enables the rejection of suppliers that fail to meet the tender specification
  • Faster response to questions and points of clarification during the tender period
  • Reduction in the labour intensive tasks of receipt, recording and distribution of tender submissions
  • Reduction of the paper trail on tendering exercises, reducing costs to both councils and suppliers
  • Improved audit trail increasing integrity and transparency of the tendering process
  • Improved quality of tender specification and supplier response
  • Provision of quality management information

Why e-Tendering System?

Integrating with suppliers is a critical piece of the supply chain puzzle. Throughout the purchasing lifecycle, our Bid and Tender Management solution provides an environment for requisitions management, bidding information management, tender documents management, suppliers offerings management, and much more.

Manual tender processes can be long and cumbersome, often taking three months or longer, which is costly for both buyer and supplier organisations.

Tender Tailor, an e-Tendering System (or Electronic Tendering System) developed by Software Tailor, replace these manual paper-based tender processes with electronically facilitated processes based on best tendering practices to save time and money.

Buyers are able to manage the tenders coming in, with all tenders stored in one place. Buyers can cut and paste data from the electronic tender documents for easy comparison in a spreadsheet. Evaluation tools can provide automation of this comparison process.

Tender Tailor e-Tendering System offers an opportunity for automating most of the tendering process: from help with preparing the tender specification; advertising; tender aggregation; to the evaluation and placing of the contract.

Case of the Month

Goodyear Tire and Rubber

Goodyear purchases millions in non-retail merchandise from more than 5,000 suppliers, which can be an inefficient and costly process. Automating manual processes and paperwork speed up its procurement cycle and saved the company cost.

"We selected Software Tailor Inspection based on its lower cost, excellent customization service, deep functionality, and the ability to get up and running in a matter of weeks. - The Hong Kong Jockey Club"