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Affordable Price for Enterprise Software Development Experience

Custom Software Development Plans and Pricing

From project-based fixed cost, man-day cost and yearly maintenance 



Some key features
  • Lowest in the industry
  • From consulting, planning, coding, testing and deployment
  • To be estimated with professional advices



Some key features
  • Lowest in the industry
  • From multi-tier scalable web architecture with latest web assembly technologies to enterprise software engineers


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Some key features
  • Lowest in the industry
  • From cloud-based web architect, Scrum Masters, professional project managers with 20+ industry experience to enterprise software engineers

All plans enables you

Covering the whole software development cycle

  • Initial Consultancy

    Check with your basic requirements, offer an initial ballpark estimation with practical technical advices.

  • Project Proposal

    A statement of work that covers project scope, project terms and conditions, support & maintenance.

  • Project Planning

    Detail analysis of initial requirements, establish timelines and deliverable milestones.

  • Design

    Software Design and multiple prototype deliveries, adjusting to meet your business needs.

  • Coding & Acceptance Testing

    With iterations of phased software deliveries and allow user testing in early stages.

  • Deployment

    Hardware and software or cloud subscription recommendations. Automated or manual deployment.

Award Winning Software Development Team

The only award winning team who has won open competitions throughout Asia Pacific.